It's an incredible treat whenever our family gets a delivery from Pepper & Fern. Niki is as thoughtful as she is talented, and our go-to for unique designs and gifts. Highly recommended for both personal and professional gifts and giving. – Richard Topping


Imagine getting unique flower arrangements delivered on a monthly basis. Are they from someone else? It would make you feel pretty loved, right? Are they a gift to yourself? What a wonderful way to treat yourself! 

Flower subscriptions are a thoughtful gift that keep the receiver thinking about you, month after month. They are also an easy way to keep your home feeling fresh and give yourself a little mood booster.  

We offer subscriptions delivered monthly or at the cadence of your choice. You can provide specific dates such as birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and we will schedule your deliveries to check these off your list! 

  • Price includes delivery and a petite arrangement perfect for every day, a touch smaller than our standard size.

  • Local delivery is available to you or another address you choose, you can even change the address for each delivery, as long as it’s within 20 mins of Southboro. Perfect for clients like realtors who are scheduling closing gifts for clients. 

  • Let us know when there are specific dates that you'd like your deliveries, especially for birthdays, etc.! We can do these monthly, weekly or you tell us the dates of your choosing. Perfect for those who know they may forget. We’re here to help you be the thoughtful partner/son/daughter/friend you are, but may need a little help with scheduling. We’ve got you covered! 

  • Vases and designs will vary. If you return your vases each month, this allows me to share my fun vase collection with you, and helps keep vases out of landfills. However, if you'd like to gift your arrangement or especially love your vase, certainly don't worry about returning it.

      Our 8 week Floral CSA runs from Aug - Oct for only $25/week with pickup in Southboro, MA