Pocket Square Florals

Pocket Square Florals

Pocket square florals, also known as pocket square boutonnières, have been getting more and more popular and they are likely our top wedding floral trend for suit wearers this year. We foresee this continuing into 2024. Although, we also love floral lapels, too! 

Floral pocket squares are a great alternative to a traditional boutonnière. They allow you to utilize more florals giving a more unique and elevated design. We love how Matt’s turned out at his recent wedding to Jacky. The orange really popped against his blue suit and coordinated so well with his tie. 

Image of a pocket square floral before being put in the pocket. It shows the flowers peeking out of the ribbon wrapped sturdy card to hold it in place.

We love the way Rebecca Wade captured Matt’s floral pocket square. It shows off the sturdiness and how easy it makes it to place in the suit. They truly make it easy to have the perfect placement every time and look stunning in photos. 

Close up image of a groom's blue tux, pale orange tie and colorful pocket square florals on his wedding day.

Images by Rebecca Cee Photography

We see pocket squares continuing to gain popularity in 2024 for grooms and suit wearers. 

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