How to Use Festive Florals for Thanksgiving and the Holiday Season

How to Use Festive Florals for Thanksgiving and the Holiday Season

We love thoughtful floral touches throughout the home when hosting Thanksgiving. Whether you have guests for dinner or spending the weekend, we're sharing ways to use florals throughout your home to make your guests feel welcomed, thought of, and loved. 

The most classic Thanksgiving floral arrangement is, of course, the centerpiece! Everyone will be gathered around the dinner table to enjoy a delicious meal. It's a great place to bring in color, and a unique design and coordinate with your other decor to bring a thoughtful look to where you and your guests will gather and make memories. 

We often have requests for more than the centerpiece to create a cohesive design with a few arrangements throughout the entertaining areas. We offer our hosting package for these times. It's an easy order as we'll coordinate it all for you! It includes the Thanksgiving centerpiece arrangement, a s arrangement, and two bud vases. Where do we see these used?

Centerpieces are perfect for the dining table. The standard arrangement can be used in a living space where you may gather for desserts or connecting before or after your meal. The bud vases are often used in serving areas. 

Bud vases add a simple, but thoughtful touch that can really make any area feel a bit more festive. We love using them in powder rooms,  serving areas,  or a line of them down the table as a centerpiece, either on their own or with a statement piece in the center. 

Our standard flower arrangement size is perfect when hosting guests. We love using them on a nightstand or dresses to welcome guests who are spending a night, week, or weekend. It just makes their visit feel extra special and lets them know you are happy they are there and want them to feel comfortable in your home. 

Image of small floral arrangement in a pink and white vase. The flowers include shades of white and orange.

Our deluxe-size flower arrangements are perfect for coffee tables where you and your guests will gather pre- or post-meal, in an entryway to give a first welcome, or anywhere you need a little festive pop of seasonal color to make a statement. Our designs are always unique, filled with texture, and seasonal blooms, and made with the hopes they will bring joy to you and your loved ones! 

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