Can you guess the one thing I wish all wedding couples knew?

Can you guess the one thing I wish all wedding couples knew?

Can you guess the one thing I wish all wedding couples knew? 

Wedding couple with fairytale vibes. Bride is wearing a romantic wedding dress with puffy sleeves, carrying a dreamy bouquet with pink, off white and purple flowers

Picture this: you meet with a wedding professional and your personalities click, you love their style, and you are excited about the potential to work with them. You think you’ve found your perfect match…… then the proposal comes in and it feels a bit out of reach. What would you do? Some clients politely thank us for our time and move on. Here’s a better approach: ask for a follow-up phone call. See if there are any adjustments to be made. 

I recently had a couple I was so excited to work with and this is exactly what the bride did. She let me know that she loves my style the most of the florists she met with, but wanted to brainstorm with me to see if there was a way to make some adjustments to keep the vision, in a way that works for both of us. We had a short call. I went back and made the designs a little different and we were able to achieve a look they love and are excited for, without feeling like a compromise. They now get to have their dream floral designs with their first-choice florist. 

Fairytale bridal bouquet in soft and romantic pinks, off white and blush tones

This works best with professionals and proposals where there are opportunities to make adjustments. If there’s a way you can brainstorm together, ask for a call. I couldn’t be more excited to work with this couple in 2024 and I’m so happy they didn’t write me off when the proposal was a little more than they were anticipating. 

Bride in fairytale wedding dress with sleeves. bridal bouquet is sitting at the bottom of her dress in romantic and soft pinks and purples

I share this because I wish all couples seeking wedding professionals would ask for a conversation if everything else is feeling aligned, but something’s feeling slightly out of reach. Have the conversation. See if adjustments can be made. 

If you are a wedding professional, what is something you wish couples knew about? 

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