2024 Wedding Bouquet Trends

2024 Wedding Bouquet Trends

Couples today are looking to create a one-of-a-kind event. We see couples incorporating personal details, unique elements, and unforgettable experiences to share with their guests. One of the best ways to set the tone is through floral design. 

When selecting your wedding flowers, having at least one floral element be a major showstopper can make your florals memorable. Floral installations are a great way to do this, but before even considering ceremony and reception design, brides tend to prioritize their bridal bouquet, and for good reason! Your bridal bouquet will be in many of your wedding photos. It can bring color and personality through creative design unique to you. 

Elevate your wedding bridal bouquet in 2024 with any of these trends!

Image of bright, bold, colorful wedding bouquets

AK Photography

Bold Colors

Vibrant Color palettes are in and keep getting hotter! We have loved seeing more of our couples who love color embrace it. We have seen bright palettes in the spring with whimsical wildflowers, deep, rich color schemes in the fall, jewel tones, saturated colors, and more. We are loving it and expect to see more in 2024. 

 Image of a bridal bouquet filled with texture and sunset orange color palette

Brianna Graca Photography


Bridal bouquets with texture create unique designs that feel one-of-a-kind. We love using seasonal elements to add texture and depth to our bouquets. We see brides embracing more unique elements more than ever and see this continuing into the upcoming year and beyond. 


Made in Stills Photography

Unique/Personalized bouquets

Personal touches always make a bouquet feel tailor-made for the bride. We love seeing brides embrace personal touches like monogrammed ribbons or including a photo of a loved one no longer with them. We also see more unique shapes to give a more personal touch like our bride who opted for a heart-shaped bouquet this year. We are seeing brides looking for personalized and unique touches to make their bouquets feel specific to them. 

Image of bride holding a bright and vibrant colorful bridal bouquet with bright whimsical wildflowersTimothy Morris Photography 

Wild Flowers 

We are seeing more couples embrace wildflowers. They create such a whimsical look and often bring beautiful colors to the bouquets. 


Made in Stills Photography


Locally Grown 

As part of eco-conscious couples, we are seeing more interest in locally sourced and in-season flowers. We love including flowers from local farms and even our own gardens at Pepper and Fern. 

Image of bride holding an oversized bridal bouquet in fall colors

Cami P Photography 

Statement Bouquets

We love statement florals, and one trend we are seeing more brides loving is oversized, grand, lush bouquets. One of our most recent brides had an incredibly luxe, grand bouquet that looked incredible. 

WEdding bouquet flower halo

AK Photography

Flower Halo Photo Trend

One of the more requested photos we are seeing this year is the bridesmaid bouquet halo photo. It is a fun way to show off the gorgeous bouquets and have a little fun with the bridal party. 

Image of white and green classic yet modern bridal bouquet

Kerri McWade Photography

Classics that never go out of style: 

Anything you love! Don’t let trends dictate what you do. Get inspired by them and use what you love, but the only thing that matters is choosing what YOU love. 

We love creating the floral designs of your dreams. If you are having a Cape Cod wedding and love the look of classic white and blue florals and have been dreaming of hydrangeas and roses, it’s an elegant and timeless look that is perfect for a coastal setting.  If you are having a fall wedding and want traditional autumn hues, it’s another classic that is timeless and will set the tone for a beautiful New England fall event.

We love following trends to see what is out there, but choosing what you love is what will make your wedding personal and completely you! 

Image of beautiful bridal bouquet in neutral tones with a lot of textureNia Kovacev Photography

Our couples look for unforgettable, elevated floral designs. Whether you are inspired by the latest floral trends or looking for timeless flower designs, we always use our signature Pepper & Fern style, including abundant florals with vibrant color palettes and rich textures.

If you are dreaming of the perfect bouquet for your 2024 wedding and would like to work together, submit an inquiry here. We would love to make your floral dreams a reality!  

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